International Fellow Katie Winkle

Katie Winkle is Assistant Professor of Social Robotics in the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University. The work of her team is focused on trustworthy human-robot interaction. Katie will be our guest and collaborator this November.
More information about her and her work: 

Online Talks #10-12 

Katie Winkle (Uppsala University)
Working to Deliver Trustworthy Robotics in Practice: Feminist Design meets Risk Assessment and Mitigation
Nov 30, 2023, 4pm CET, Room RUB GA 03.33 & via Zoom:

Meeting-ID: 647 8880 7854

Passwort: 609868

David J. Gunkel (Northern Illinois University)
Person - Thing - Robot

Dec 06, 2023, 6pm CET, Room RUB GA 2.41 & via Zoom:

Meeting-ID: 681 5140 1020

Passwort: 352819

Christian Montag (University of Ulm)
On Attitudes towards AI
Jan 11, 2024, 4pm CET via Zoom

Meeting-ID: 695 6603 4668

Passwort: 784213

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Workshop #3 

Interacting with Intelligent Systems: Decisions, Affects, and Trust  Thursday-Friday, November 9th/10th

Nov 9 (Beckmannshof, Room Shanghai)
13.30 Welcome
13.40 Nils Köbis (Max Planck Institute for Human Development)

How artificial intelligence shapes human ethical and cooperative behavior
14.50 Keith Harris (RUB): AI or your lying eyes: Trust in AI deepfake detection
16.00 Ekaterina Jussupow (TU Darmstadt)

The dynamics of human metacognition and trust in AI during AI- augmented decision-making
17.10 Nikol Rummel & Sebastian Strauß (RUB): Teacher-AI co-orchestration in the classroom: How do teachers perceive and interact with automated support?

Nov 10 (Veranstaltungszentrum, Saal 1)

09.00 Daniel Susser (Pennsylvania State University) Exploitation and platform power
10.20 Katja Schwerzmann & Alex Campolo (RUB): Desired behaviors: The problem of alignment and the emergence of a machine learning ethics
11.20 Rainer Mühlhoff (Osnabrück): Predictive knowledge and ethics
13.30 Aleena Chia (Goldsmith University) Therapeutic transmissions and the data pharmacy
14.40 Daniela Wentz (RUB): Can candy machines lead to a better understanding of social robots?

Therapy as the behaviorist views it.

15.40 Roland Meyer (RUB): Liquified faces: Synthetic media and the production of artificial smiles


Meeting-ID: 613 5470 5680   |    Passwort: 385436

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Online Talks #9 

Vera Blasevic & Sebastian Bouschery (Radboud University Nijmegen): „Creative Human-AI Collaboration in the Front End of Innovation“, Thursday, June 29th, 16:00 CET

Online Talks #8 

Johanna Seibt (Aarhus)
"OASIS - a descriptive framework for artificial social agency to support responsible technology development"

Thursday, May 25th, 16:00 CET

Online Talks #7 

Pierre Dillenbourg (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

„Classroom analytics

Thursday, May 4th, 16:00 CET

Online Talks #6 

Karen Frost Arnold (Hobard and William Smith Colleges):

Social Epistemology for Alternative Social Media Futures

Thursday, January 19th, 16:00 CET

Online Talks #5 

Alisa Maksimova (CAIS, Bochum): Communicative resources in phone conversations with a voice-based intelligent agent

Thursday, December 8th, 16:00 CET
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Meeting-ID: 636 3258 1672

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Online Talks #4 

Katta Spiel (University of Vienna): You are the robots — How technologists design interventions on 'social skills' for neurodivergent populations
Thursday, November 24th, 16:00 CET

Workshop #2: Understanding each other 

A basis for social interaction between humans and AI systems

Hybrid and in Person at RUB (Veranstaltungszentrum, Saal 1)
Registration/Zoom Link: Please email to tobias starzak @

Thursday, November 3rd
Emily Cross (University of Glasgow): Exploring the impact of stimulus and knowledge cues on human interactions with artificial agents
Leda Berio & Albert Newen (INTERACT!@RUB): Forming emotion expressions, person impressions, and robot impressions
Alessandra Sciutti (IIT Genova): Humanization and personalization in cognitive robotics

Friday, November 4th, 2022
Sven Nyholm (Utrecht): Robots with emotions vs. robots with feelings: which aspects of emotions can be simulated by AI systems?
Jonas Blatter (INTERACT!@RUB): Genuine artificial emoting
Katie Winkle (Uppsala): FemBots, BroBots, and EmoBots: ethical risk and anthropomorphism in socially assistive robotics
Jurgis Karpus (LMU): The unforeseen plight of a benevolent robot worker
Basil Wahn (INTERACT!@RUB): We can work it out: humans are willing to off-load task demands to artificial agents if they perceive them as reliable
Ruud Hortensius (Utrecht): Understanding interactions with artificial agents: from social cognition of individuals to social dynamics within groups

Online Talks #3

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Laura Kunold (Psychology, RUB):
Social Robots and Psychology 
Thursday, July 7th, 4pm (CET) via zoom

Online Talks #2

Prof. Agnieszka Wykowska (Psychology, IIT Genova):
Sense of agency, attribution of intentionality and joint attention in human-robot interaction
Thursday, May 12th, 4pm (CET) via zoom
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Online Talks #1

Prof. Dr. Florian Sprenger (Media Science, RUB):
Machines of Interaction – Self-driving Cars and Microdecisions
Thursday, April 7th, 4pm (CET) via zoom
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First INTERACT! Workshop

On Feb 15-16, 2022, we organized our first workshop, introducing our team, providing a platform for discussion and brainstorming on joint projects, interaction and team collaboration.
We are especially excited about the inclusion of two keynote speakers: Prof. Dr. Friederike Eyssel (CITEC, Bielefeld) and Prof. Dr. Nicole Krämer (Duisburg-Essen) will present their work from the perspective of social psychology.